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March 11, 2010 By: SugarDaddy Category: General

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Anti-Gay Calif. Politician Cited for DUI–After Leaving Gay Bar

March 04, 2010 By: Candy Man Category: Funny News

An anti-gay California state senator was placed under arrest for drunk driving after leaving a gay bar. A male passenger was in the vehicle along with the lawmaker was not arrested, reported Sacramento CBS affiliate Channel 13.

State Sen. Roy Ashburn was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol at about 2:00 a.m. on March 3 when his state-issued vehicle was observed being driven erratically. The driver, identified as Ashburn, was taken in and charged for driving under the influence. Channel 13 reported that unidentified sources said the senator had been at Faces, a popular gay nightspot, prior to his arrest.


Donnt Wright and His Huge Uncut Cock

February 18, 2010 By: Candy Man Category: Jerking Off, RandyBlue, Solo, Tan, Uncut

With all the various ways that models come to me these days it’s becoming pretty rare that I just run into someone out in public who I just have to have on my site. But the other day I was at the tanning salon trying to get a little color after all this rain we’ve been having, and while I was checking in this really hot guy comes walking out of a booth. He stood there barely wrapped in the tiniest of towels wanting to ask the clerk a question. My first impression was that this adorable creature was not the slightest bit shy. And since he was asking the male tanning booth clerk if his tan was even all over I got the feeling that he had no problem showing off his body to other men. Now, I’m not normally this bold but since I’d seen about 95 percent of his body anyway I introduced myself and complimented him on his tan. He flashed a huge smile at me and nearly dropped his towel. I told him about the site and how I thought he might like ! to model for me. I think the clerk almost fell over his counter to keep him from showing it all right there in the tanning salon lobby. So he got a mischievous grin and pulled me into his booth. And I swear, as I was getting a good look at him I heard the door creak open just enough for the clerk to get an eyeful of his own. His body was magnificent and that huge uncut cock was perfect. Well, the rest, as they say, is history and you can now see just how hot this guy is for yourself in his debut Randy Blue video.

Xander Comes To ChaosMen and Play With A Toy

January 19, 2010 By: Candy Man Category: Anal Sex, ChaosMen, Dildo's, Jerking Off

Xander is a fan of ChaosMen, and contacted me via the site submittal process. He was definitely down for working with some of the hot guys he was seeing!

So I told him come on out and we would do a photoshoot and solo and check out the experience of being filmed.

I dunno how, but some reason he thought he was just flying out to photos. So when it came time to do the solo, he got very nervous.

He did ask if he could play with a toy, cuz though he is a versatile gay guy, he knew that a little ass action would keep him going.

It did the trick, but he still feels nervous to me. But if you like boys putting plugs in their ass, you will like this video!

Dennis and Trevor at Sean Cody

November 20, 2009 By: SugarDaddy Category: Anal Sex, Bi-Sexual, Blow Jobs, Muscles, Rim Job, Sean Cody


Dennis and Trevor had both arrived on early flights the day before we did this shoot. They were both staying in the same hotel and had some time to kill. “I saw him in the restaurant,” Dennis said, looking at Trevor. “He’s cute and he was wearing a tight t-shirt that showed his muscles. I was pretty sure what he was here for!” Trevor laughed. “I saw him in the gym,” he said, referring to Dennis. “He’s pretty ripped up.” “Did you guys spend any time together?” “No,” Trevor said. “I wasn’t sure and I didn’t want to make an ass out of myself if I was wrong. I thought to myself , ‘He’s pretty hot,’ though.” So they hadn’t officially met, but they got a lot of the “ice breaking” out of the way early on! They were really into each other, and their muscular bodies looked pretty hot grinding against each other! Dennis took the pounding like a champ, and after it was over and he was covered in cum: “That was awesome!”

Sexy Blonde Curtis

November 19, 2009 By: SugarDaddy Category: BuzzWest, Jerking Off, Solo


Curtis Hoffman fell right from heaven! He has such an angelic look and he’s so innocent at just 19 years old. Curtis is a San Diego native and spends lots of time at the local nude beach, which explains his lack of tan lines! Curtis has silky smooth skin from head to toe with a beautiful big dick and his smooth virginal ass is just as perfect. Curtis tells me that he’s attracted to women and men both, but never had sex with a woman. I have a feeling he may never, but sssssh. Curtis edges himself over and over and precum oozes from his throbbing dick which just about sent me over the edge myself, but when he let loose with a two day load, it just kept coming! Load after hot load that covers his chest. I can hardly wait to work with him again!